POEM: Dear Sun

Dear Sun, I watched you raise your weary head From the hills of Adelaide that were last night's bed. You rose up quickly, faster than expected, Before 6.30am it was like you'd not even rested. My camera caught your beauty, your radiant explosion of orange, You drew breath as you appeared as if a bride... Continue Reading →

Sunrise is Too Early!

I arrived in town (the Adelaide CBD) at 7am this morning! As we drove through Hindmarsh Square we spotted the Sunrise crew and Vintage cars. My wife agreed to let me out to go shoot the cars and check out the glorified news reporters known nationally as the 'Ch7 Sunrise Crew'. But before my feet... Continue Reading →

Night Photography

I don't get many chances to shoot night photography. So when I do, I have fun. It's always about seeing how I can shoot architecture and people in either an abstract or enlightened way. Check out all my night photo's shot over the last six years, all displayed upon my Flickr Gallery. This last one... Continue Reading →

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