Six years of WordPress Blogging

I have been blogging in some form for over ten years. I've been using WordPress for the last six years. Here you can see the posts I published on or around today's date since 2006: Where am I? Camerapedia Shoot Zap Thud Arrest The Post Before my #SocADL Report The WWW’s Biggest Lens Hand Rearing... Continue Reading →

My Week in Social Media Circles

I left last night's #SOCADL/#SMCADL meeting wondering why I was involved with this group. I have asked myself this many a time. Their were amazing people, interesting conversations, roads to take me along new paths in all aspects of my life. Yet I still not understanding why I had chosen to get involved with this... Continue Reading →

The Post Before my #SocADL Report

Yeah, I was there, I went to the #SocADL meeting at the Tivoli two nights back. I was that guy who said few things about the un-delightful joys of club-involvement and that #SocADL should stay an informal group, tied together by our online interactivity. We don't need regulations, acts, procedures, govt bodies telling us we... Continue Reading →

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