My Halloween Tattoos

My day-job had a Halloween themed drinks-night. (28.Nov.2011). There were tattoo's available. On the right arm decided to go with the most colorful: A Celtic band of Pumpkins. But on the left I have a spider and web. Great combination! Photographed with the opposing hand to the arm upon which the Tattoo was placed, shooting... Continue Reading →

War Wounds from Failed Flying

Did you read how I failed miserably at flying? Well, here is a photograph of my face a day after the incident: That is my face one-day after I face-planted the bitumen during a night-walk. The side of my face is all swollen, plus there are several abrasion points between my eye and jawline, down... Continue Reading →

Wanna buy a Baseball Cap?

Do you like baseball caps? I do! For the past 15years I have been collecting baseball caps from souvenir stalls in every town I've visited between Auckland and Adelaide. Plus I have acquired a lot from people who knew I liked them. But times change. I now wear a kangaroo-skin wide-brimmed hat. Why? Because [1]... Continue Reading →

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