My Last Photography Purchases for 2011

I thought I would have to import these from the US, but it turns out that Teds Cameras are selling the BlackRapid RS DR-1 Double Strap in their Rundle Street store! If you haven't heard of BlackRapid products, check out their main site ( to see the amazing product they have developed. IMHO, they make... Continue Reading →

Twelve Days of Tshirts

I've created a lot of new graphics for tshirts over the last few weeks! Being an ardent photographer, I enjoy telling people how much I love photography. So today (27.Nov.2011) I have made a few tshirts to express my feelings more succinctly. With the wife and I having a baby middle of next year, I'm... Continue Reading →

Nine New Tshirts

Oh, to wear one of my many tshirts! My creative mind wanders in so many different directions taking in tonnes of information each night, and my analytical mind finds new ways to create the new ideas from my creativity. Consequently my collection of shirts vary in designs, layouts, colours and concepts. Here are the latest... Continue Reading →

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