Who is Behind the Doctor?

Too often we focus on the imaginary characters of a production - and not on the people that make it all possible. For over 25 years I have been an ardent fan of the television series 'Doctor Who'. Between his regenerations, his varied companions, his choice in clothing genre's, plus the amazing evolution of the... Continue Reading →

Finding my Photo Mojo (Again)

Sub Title: Shooting BootsYesterday I had the weirdest and scariest moment of my life. I thought I had lost my photo mojo!I quickly connected my Canon L-Series 70-200mm f4 IS USM lens to my Canon 50D (I dream of having a 5D some day!), went out the back door and started searching for something to... Continue Reading →

A Big Bang Christmas

Because I am Big Bang Theory fanatic, I felt this was the best episode to show you at this time of the year: Related articles Big Bang's Video Teaser for MAMA 2012 Released (cynsworkshop.wordpress.com)

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