Being Very Right

I like proving the vocational assessment I had 3 months ago to be very wrong. Yes, one might say a thing is either wrong or right, there's no place for a combination of the two. To that I'd like to butcher a quote by Stuart, owner of the profitless comic book store on #TheBigBangTheory -... Continue Reading →

Statistically Speaking

I have been blogging, on and off, since about 2000! I have been using WordPress since October 2006. Prior to that was Blogger/Blogspot. Prior to that: Geocities, Tripod ... yeah, all the free services. But 2013 has been busy for me, spending most of my spare time being a doting father to our gorgeous son.... Continue Reading →

10 Most Used Words in our Home in 2012

Now that my wife and I have smartphone's, the vocabulary in our household has actually expanded and increased! We now say 'connectivity' and 'functionality' at least twice a day. Which got me thinking: How many new words were added to our general conversation throughout 2012? Here goes,  remembering that I had to compile this list... Continue Reading →

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