From Free to Business Blogging

I've often contemplated ways that my blog could make money. But in the end I went with 'rant about the online universe', 'random link' and 'hey check out my photography' style. Now that I have read this interesting article, I am thinking again about how I might make money from binary words. The Dark Side... Continue Reading →

Exceeding the Possibilities

This mornings train ride was most interesting and enlightening. Particularly as I was reading Jack Welch's book on leadership. But moreso because of the phone conversation I heard behind me. Despite only hearing only one side of it, much of the details were a bad inditement of the attitude of this person an probably many... Continue Reading →

My Last Photography Purchases for 2011

I thought I would have to import these from the US, but it turns out that Teds Cameras are selling the BlackRapid RS DR-1 Double Strap in their Rundle Street store! If you haven't heard of BlackRapid products, check out their main site ( to see the amazing product they have developed. IMHO, they make... Continue Reading →

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