Musical Photography

Unfortunately I cannot show you photography that is produced by music, nor can I show you music that is a result of photography. Yet I can show you photographs I have shot of musicicans, bands, and rock-n-roll idols  from a few moments in history that I am so glad I was there to see and capture!... Continue Reading →

Photographs of Adelaide City

Before heading out to the Lady Daly last night, I had 40minutes spare to take a walk around Adelaide City whilst waiting for my ride. So I walked down Rundle Mall and back up Grenfell Street. Here are my favorite of  the many photographs I shot.... Yes, an eclectic bunch of photographs that simply appealed... Continue Reading →

How to Make Money from a Liquidation

Most Australians would know by now that BORDERS are in liquidation. As an avid book reader, I am dismayed by this, yet am thankful we have other great book suppliers in Adelaide. (Dymocks and Angus&Robertson to name a few!) Despite knowing about the liquidation a few months ago, it wasn't until tonight that I actually... Continue Reading →

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