Shoot Buoys in a Pond

Ok, it is not a pond: It is a tidal pool. If you have never seen the tidal pool, ask any of the locals in Kingscote to point you in the right direction. They are nice people, they will. These five photographs were shot about 3 pm, the perfect time of the day to capture... Continue Reading →

War Wounds from Failed Flying

Did you read how I failed miserably at flying? Well, here is a photograph of my face a day after the incident: That is my face one-day after I face-planted the bitumen during a night-walk. The side of my face is all swollen, plus there are several abrasion points between my eye and jawline, down... Continue Reading →

Portrait of a Pet Cat

This is 'Trouble', one of the two black cats. He happily posed for the camera during a quick photo-shoot. He has a mysterious tumble-dried fur coat; We suspect he has a hint of 'rag-doll' in his genetics. He hates being held like a baby (whereas the other cats do), instead preferring to be slung forward... Continue Reading →

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