Giving Good Advice

Sometimes the best advice is NO advice. Recently I noticed several online arguments wherein people I know and respect were at loggerheads over inane and pithy incidents. Whilst I could have put my written-voice into the conversation, I had the good sense to take a step back. Yes, the topic was of interest and a... Continue Reading →

Having a Response

I often read through the various forum-entry's around and many blogs around the WWW: Sometimes I feel the need to respond, but invariably my comments end up quite lengthy. Thus, I often convert my thoughts to prose or short stories for publication here. Here are three separate yet entwined written pieces that I didn't... Continue Reading →

Ramblings #1

Herein lies a list of ramblings that started last Monday. Don't begin to think there is a story here. It's just a whole lot of statements that I considered putting on either my Twitter or Plurk account ... and a few did, so will be linked accordingly! Watch out for the personal-quotes, created from incidents... Continue Reading →

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