What Can You Buy On Redbubble?

Over the last few days I have bought some Redbubble products from my own gallery, for both specific people and purposes: These two post-cards are to be sent to Ms Rachel Sanderson as gifts. Paul, Karen, Peter and Rachel x 1 postcard Rachel Sanderson x 2 postcard These two shirts were commissioned by a friend... Continue Reading →

Dont Ignore the People

Dear Mr Country-Leader, Corporate-Boss, Telco, Senator of Communication in Australia, etc: The general public don't care if you do not implement their ideas. Most voters have come to expect that - they see through all your promises made days before each election. But they do care if you don't ask for their opinions, ideas and... Continue Reading →

Photo Opportunity: Adelaide Government House

Adelaide Government house is open only a few times each year for special occasions. Whilst the entry is free, your gold coin donation will go to the Partners of Veterans Association of Australia, South Australia Branch Inc). WHEN: Sunday 28th February 2010, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. INCLUDED: Refreshments will be available for purchase, benefiting... Continue Reading →

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