Week of Comments

Here is my latest post-idea, which I really should have started doing MANY years ago. Below are comments I have left on sites around the inter-web. Those sites are linked within the comment below so you are able to go read the article to which it refers. 1. First time visitor to your site -... Continue Reading →

Getting a Response from your SocNet

In Chris Garrett's latest article, he asks: Do you deserve your social media followers? Here is my response: This seems to be the way of the current state of the WWW. A billion voices attempting to shout louder than the next, all asking for something yet giving very little in return. We are all guilty... Continue Reading →

Advantages of Working Solo

Whilst I know there are tonnes of great advantages to working solo (rather than in a team or corporate environment) I decided to ask those people I chat with the most what they imagined would be the best reason to 'go solo'. So far I have had these interesting and varied responses: Less Meetings (Kay... Continue Reading →

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