Will it be a Boy or a Girl?

Yes, the baby is still sitting pretty inside my wife's tummy! Since we chose not to know if our soon-to-be-born baby is going to male or female, here are photographs in the two colours that society deems to be most associated with both genders. Yeah, just an excuse to post an array of random photographs... Continue Reading →

My Flower Photographs

My collection of Flower Photographs: Ranging in colours between Pink, Red, Yellow, Orange, Yellow and Blue! Shot at many locations around South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland, each a state of Australia, these beautiful flowers were found in front-yards, native gardens, open-gardens and some in the wild. Each one of these photographs links back... Continue Reading →

Latest Purchases

Thanks to whomever bought these photographs from my Redbubble photo gallery recently: Cherry Pink x 1 Pink Borne x 1 Lion Heart x 1 Heaven’s Door x 1 John’s Harem x 4 All of these images are also available matted, laminated, mounted, upon canvas and within frames, and as posters. Take a look, I'm always adding... Continue Reading →

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