Free Credit Cards

For those of you who visited here thinking you'd be able to get a free credit card to use at Christmas time - think again! What we have here is an icon collection of an amazing range of credit cards. This is great for those people who are selling stuff through their site which has... Continue Reading →

An Evening with Kristen Weaver

Last night (05.Sept.2011), I had the good fortune to hear Kristen Weaver speak about the last two years of her photographic journey - between amateur and photographic stardom! I arrrived at the venue about 6pm, but PW's were not opening the doors until 6.45pm. So I stood and waited. The reason I tell you this is because it... Continue Reading →

Faulting the Plastic Holga Lens

I bought this little Holga lens thinking it would producing interesting effects. Hmmm, I ain't so sure anymore. What, I hear you cry, this lens is the latest biggest craze on the market! People are buying it left right and center, and shooting interesting images the world over. But I don't find many of the... Continue Reading →

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