Twitter Search Functions and Engines

Do you tweet? Are you following people or a follower on twitter? Then you'd spend a lot of effort looking for interesting people, data and interesting details about everything related to twitter. Right? Now it is even easier! There are so many search functions for Twitter users, and here are just a few to whet... Continue Reading →

New Idea, Fresh Direction

Around 2am this morning I had a moment of brilliance. It's taken 3 hours of work to ensure the idea works properly in both IE8 and Mozilla Firefox. And now it does! It's not easily noticeable, unless you've lifted the hood on the HTML and CSS on my personal web site previously ... but the... Continue Reading →

History: March 2008

A year ago I was writing a lot more regularly. I'd like to return to that much writing per day and week. I do enjoy both typing and pencilling articles or stories, yet I rarely get to the stage of typing them up. Other interests have taken over that time slot. There were a few... Continue Reading →

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