Baby Update + Photography

I'm not writing a lot these days as we are busy making our home ready for the baby. Yep, it's only six weeks away - so lots of changes need to happen. Thankfully we have the nursery ready for sleeping. There's enough teddy bears to give one a month for the next few years! Today we... Continue Reading →

All Within Three Months

One month from now, the most amazing change in 15 years will happen in our house. Three months from now, the first will pale into comparison as the most amazing event in 43 years will happen. What? 1. New bathroom, laundry and ensuite. I'll then be able to have a bath - for the first... Continue Reading →

Ten Start-Ups from around the World

Extract... It's official: Australia is the second easiest place in the world to start a business, according to the World Bank. Aside from the ease of starting and the healthy numbers of people who run businesses in Australia, there are several impressive Government run programs aimed at helping start-ups, ranging from the likes of Innovation Australia to schemes... Continue Reading →

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