Best Way to Recycle Smartphones

Did you get a new smartphone for Xmas? Lucky you! So what are you going to do with your previous phone? There are great options - sell it, give to kids, recycle for parts, donate to charity.  I have the best way to recycle your old smartphone, particularly if there's not much wrong with it!... Continue Reading →

25 Years of Musician Photography

Check out my photographs of Australian musicians at the 1992 Adelaide Grand Prix. These were photographed at my first concert, shooting with my first SLR, in 1992. I purchased a body (brand forgotten), telephoto lens, and a 40 rolls of 36 film somewhere in Adelaide - I think I had to hock something to pay... Continue Reading →

Learning the Bo Diddley Beat

I like finding and reading/watching all manner of interesting articles from all over the world wide web. I have done so for over ten years, and surely will continue garnering loads of information of all subjects. Even if pointless. Yet tonight's find isn't useless, yet maybe just a little left field for me. Being an... Continue Reading →

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