Offering all that You can

If you knew someone who is wheel-chair bound, what could/would you offer them to do that they wouldn't be able to without leg-use? I ask because I recently made friends with a guy on the train (after righting an injustice), and I wanted to offer him an opportunity that he would not otherwise be able... Continue Reading →

Hand Rearing a Magpie

This baby magpie was found at the foot of a tree on family property in the Adelaide Hills.┬áIt's presumed it fell out of the family nest. It will be hand-reared until it can fly back to its family. Whilst some might think the natural cycle of animals would have culled this fallen magpie, the mother... Continue Reading →


I started writing this earlier this morning, but each hour throughout the day whilst doing other things I added a few extra words, revised the structure, deleted a bit here, tweaked the sentence structure slightly ... until it arrived at this point. Where I decided that any more would take it backwards five steps. The... Continue Reading →

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