The Intangible Benefit of Giving

In my last post I said I would write a poem each night throughout April. Turns out I write best when the incident or reason is recent and raw. So when the following happened last night, I wrote out the details during the train-ride home. Tonight, rather than poetry, I am writing a short story.... Continue Reading →

Having an Opinion is Important

I'm going to digress from my normal style of articles today to make my opinion on a video displayed on Facebook earlier today. So when I saw this video, I was outraged to discover that some police men and women need to not only learn how to effectively negotiate with protestors, they also need to... Continue Reading →

Making Every Opportunity Matter

It's great to know that a quote given by one of the original Tuskegee pilots said during the discussion-days with the actors went on to become the most important quote to come out of this film: Red Tails Nothing is difficult, everything is a challenge. When you think about it, that is the best way... Continue Reading →

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