Circular Photographs

I have soooo many photographs on my flickr account that I had to figure out a new way to show them off. So I went with 'circular'. It helps that my most recent photographs are of Christmas lanterns, light globes and buckets -- yes, all very circular objects. So here goes: Here are 12 photos... Continue Reading →

Design Is…

These are STILL the most popular images upon my Flickr Gallery! This all started in September 2006 when I made half-a-dozen images with IRFANVIEW. Now I make new graphics for the DESIGNIS meme when a little bored. Plus it helps show far my graphic-editing/creation skills have progressed. Views: 400 and growing fast! Views: 357 and... Continue Reading →

He Jumps, He Shoots, He Scores!

I've been tagged to complete five main projects before the end of January 2009. Almost scares me to think that I would complete a project or two within the next few weeks, but I feel sure it is possible. 1. Create new logo for a new web friend. A little project that was given to... Continue Reading →

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