And Now We Are Three

To those who have not heard nor read elsewhere: My lovely wife and I now have a gorgeous little boy: Jai Ethan Mitchell Last Saturday night we went into the WCH hospital to be induced ... and about an hour later he arrived quicker than expected. There is much more to the story, but that... Continue Reading →

All Groaned Up

I think I have finally grown up. After 14 years of marriage, this is how it is.. ~ We used to keep lots of beer & wine in the kitchen fridge. That's all been replaced with juice, water, & lemonade. The beer & wine now have their own fridge, rack and location! ~ Occasionally we... Continue Reading →

Branding the Australian Brain

ACNielsen have determined some amazing facts about Aussie Males, specifically how men manage their appearance. In July this year they managed to convince a few million Australian men to confess their spending habits on clothing, accessories, hair care products, magazines and beer. Amazingly, the report shows nothing about their preference in women or anything about... Continue Reading →

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