Hand Rearing a Magpie

This baby magpie was found at the foot of a tree on family property in the Adelaide Hills.┬áIt's presumed it fell out of the family nest. It will be hand-reared until it can fly back to its family. Whilst some might think the natural cycle of animals would have culled this fallen magpie, the mother... Continue Reading →

My Flower Photographs

My collection of Flower Photographs: Ranging in colours between Pink, Red, Yellow, Orange, Yellow and Blue! Shot at many locations around South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland, each a state of Australia, these beautiful flowers were found in front-yards, native gardens, open-gardens and some in the wild. Each one of these photographs links back... Continue Reading →

Photographs at Rocks Reserve, Balaklava

I always take opportunities when presented to photograph the grand landscape of Australia. So when I discovered our weekend included a visit to a land-formation I'd not seen ever before, I made sure I was fully packed for every style of photograph. A few kilometres West of Balaclava, South Australia is the Rocks Reserves, an... Continue Reading →

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