Job Hunting Requires a Honed Resume

Of the nine CV mistakes outlined in 9 Common Resume Mistakes Every Job Hunter Should Avoid, I consider these two the most important: Mistake #1: Emphasizing tasks instead of achievements. Those bullet points underneath each job entry? They shouldn’t read like a list of daily duties. Instead, they should emphasize the impact of those duties. What... Continue Reading →

Emails for Job Applications

This article was born after listening to an interesting phone call earlier today. I don't envy anyone whose name is the contact-point for job-applicants who then ring in to get more information. When applying for jobs, have a simple email address. Corporations dislike dealing with obscure email addresses. 1. Be aware that UPPER-case is irrelevant.... Continue Reading →

Six Jobs To Do Before 25 Years Old

Just for something completely different to what I normally talk about, here are six jobs that everyone should try at least once before they are twenty-five years old: 1. Builders labourer. This is sold work that will put muscles on your body and brain. The industry is getting smarter as young people realise that plumbers,... Continue Reading →

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