Remembering the 2004 Tsunami

Earth suffered a catastrophic natural disaster: A tsunami wiped out many popular tourist destination throughout the Asian continents & islands. Emotionally it reached every point of the globe. Almost every country has suffered human loss, plus considerable financial loss! Does anyone remember? This happened way back in 2004! I was reminded of this act-of-nature after... Continue Reading →

Laughter is the Only Answer

First posted on my blogspot, c. 2004-2006. Amended 29 December 2016. This is light-hearted humor with a hint of truth. LEGEND Laughter. The Web-Designers Choice of DrugWhy the Internet WinsUnprofessional Web DesignPremium to Overdone eCommerceNot as Easy to Use as they SayReturn the Shopping Cart"Optimisation & Submission" is not a Pron MovieDramatised Traffic StatisticsAffordable Pricing?... Continue Reading →

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