Painting with Children

Last week I was on a five day short holiday with my wife and two nieces. As usual (and you would expect), I photographed about five hundred photographs each day. Mostly of the girls, but those photographs are restricted for family viewing. What I enjoyed photographing most was their artwork, the seascape, landscape, pelicans and... Continue Reading →

Kingscote Kids (A Photo Series)

I asked, they said yes, they had fun whilst I shot these funny and amazing photographs. I told them I would tag the photographs with 'kingscotekids' and would be on Girl: "Flickr? What's that?" Me: "A website. F L I C K R, no e, dot com. Looks for kingscotekids." Them: "Cool \ Rad... Continue Reading →

Say Uncle, Say Lego

I like to think I am the perfect uncle. The kind of uncle that should be cherished, lauded, applauded, and rewarded with Meals-On-Wheels in his older years. But I am not that old yet. Right now I am the uncle who runs around with the dog whilst the nieces scream like banshees. I'm also the... Continue Reading →

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