Getting Discounts on Your Photo Equipment

As a consequence of the great customer service I received today, I now only shop at ONE retail-outlet for ALL my photographic equipment! Adelaide photographers are the most unlucky when it comes to photographic-retail outlets. Our options are limited. There are very few retail outlets within the Adelaide CBD, nor in the suburbs! And then... Continue Reading →

Quality Reading

For a few years I have been reading posts by Chris Pearson over at Pearsonified. His site-design is less cluttered than many, thus making his articles easy to follow and read. His posts are always informative and teach old-tricks in new ways and in a different light. This may sound like what every one is... Continue Reading →


Earlier tonight I had the good chance to catch the last half hour of this televised program on ABC1 - "Addicted to Plastic". It advertised a few interesting locations around the world that are helping to reduce the landfill of plastic upon this planet. Rather than preaching to you about how important this subject is... Continue Reading →

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