The Value of Social Connectivity

I don't post comments/responses on other blogs as often as I should. Tonight I found an article where I found myself agreeing so much with the writer that I felt it important to respond. Nothing bad, I totally agreed with the article. Check out what I wrote. Respond if you feel the same or otherwise.... Continue Reading →

Exceeding the Possibilities

This mornings train ride was most interesting and enlightening. Particularly as I was reading Jack Welch's book on leadership. But moreso because of the phone conversation I heard behind me. Despite only hearing only one side of it, much of the details were a bad inditement of the attitude of this person an probably many... Continue Reading →

Not Acceptable!

Seems many smokers in the Adelaide CBD believe it is acceptable to stub out their cigarettes in the garden beds around their office. I don't believe it is acceptable at all. What makes it worse is that the canisters for their cancer-filled paper remains are stuck in the ground alongside the organic life that we... Continue Reading →

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