Mmmm… Coffee Tshirts!

Recently I purchased an enlightening book: "1000 T-Shirts: That Make a Statement". Consequently I have a whole plethora of amusing subjects in stages of design and creation. Utilizing obscure features of my preferred image-editor (GIMP 2.8), I am having fun creating them all. Here is one of them: You'll find more coffee and chocolate tshirts... Continue Reading →

Free Advertising Space

When I first started blogging I had no idea where the future would take my scribblings. I readily admit that blogging was purely an escape from the realities around me. Since then the articles have evolved into articles about the work I enjoy: photography, art, the art of fatherhood, plus a myriad of random subjects.... Continue Reading →

Quit Today and Save a Life: Yours.

I'm always finding stupid places where cigarettes have stamped out, odd places where someone has mashed cigarette-ends to put out the flame, and drowned where they have been thrown into water-ways (road-gutters, creek-beds, etc). As an ardent anti-smoker, this gets me bloody angry that people can be so careless with what is ultimately a 'dangerous... Continue Reading →

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