My Halloween Tattoos

My day-job had a Halloween themed drinks-night. (28.Nov.2011). There were tattoo's available. On the right arm decided to go with the most colorful: A Celtic band of Pumpkins. But on the left I have a spider and web. Great combination! Photographed with the opposing hand to the arm upon which the Tattoo was placed, shooting... Continue Reading →

Making a Delicious Smoothie

This is my favourite home-made smoothie from my wife's collection of concoctions. This drink is pure fruit, but as friends have said - yoghurt and cinnamon are optional extras. [NOTE: The wife has since said that a slice of lemon would have given the drink extra punch!] INGREDIENTS: Juice of 1 Coconut 2 x whole... Continue Reading →

Inspired to Write (Again)

Thanks to Google+, I've returned to reading articles. For the last few years I have spent too much time staring at the screen waiting for responses. Now I am taking the time to read the work of those people I have called 'mentors' in areas of the online world that fascinate me most. This will... Continue Reading →

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