Orange Clover 

I'm adding new artwork to my Pixels photo gallery (formerly Fine Art America). Now that we've moved to Kangaroo Island, both my style and genré has changed dramatically. No longer do I see modern highrise architecture. Heritage architecture is few and far between, or else difficult to peruse without visiting private property. So I have turned... Continue Reading →

Photograph of the Day: Red Tulip

My favourite photograph to date has now been uploaded to my FineArtAmerica gallery. I hope you like it as much: This single flower is one of a bunch purchased for the elderly matriarch within my wife's family. This lovely woman is nearing 92 years old. Whilst age is taking her hearing and eyesight, her wit... Continue Reading →

My Flower Photographs

My collection of Flower Photographs: Ranging in colours between Pink, Red, Yellow, Orange, Yellow and Blue! Shot at many locations around South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland, each a state of Australia, these beautiful flowers were found in front-yards, native gardens, open-gardens and some in the wild. Each one of these photographs links back... Continue Reading →

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