Shooting at Night

Thanks to this thread entitled "Night Photography Tips", we have an amazing list of points, tips, tricks and items to have when shooting night photography. I will need to revisit TED's Camera's again! I've shuffled them around, spell-checked, cropped a few lengthy personal statements plus removed a lot of duplication. Use a tripod. If... Continue Reading →

History Defiled

I know pain. A few years back I walked a sixteen-kilometre hike, fourteen with a busted knee. Less than two kilometres into the walk I slid down an embankment to walk around massive boulders, see the ocean up-close and photograph a MASSIVE bee-swarm. I slid down what I thought was a solid soil cliff to... Continue Reading →

Pixel Manipulation

If you hadn't realised by now, I am quite a GIMPaholic! In mid 2007, I took an interest in editing photography. Someone suggested Photoshop™ and another friend suggested GIMP. Whilst photoshop looked enticing, I won't deny that the idea of an opensource freeware program was the selling-factor to convince me to go with GIMP™. Consequently,... Continue Reading →

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