Apple Snooze vs Android Blocking

Seen this advert yet? Sorry Apple, Samsung had that option already. It's called 'Blocking mode'. It disables incoming calls, notifications, LED indicator, and the alarm and timer. It can be set for specific time-frames. Mine is set from 11PM to 6AM. Additionally, and this is the cool part, you can allow some contacts to get through during that time-frame.... Continue Reading →

All the Stuff I did on ANZAC Day

It's been a busy day for me, which is pretty cool considering how little sleep I have had. ~ I had one of my melted bathroom photographs featured in a Redbubble group. ~ I've been on Redbubble since April 2007, just a little over four years. Whilst at my age time goes faster, it's been... Continue Reading →

3 Jobs where the iPad will be Useful!

Whilst some might say the iPad has limited functionality, I believe the latest toy from Apple is the perfect tool for these 3 types of workers: Photographers, Entrepreneurs and Consultants. The world is filled with people who spend their days performing many of these jobs, often in combination. With the many applications that can be... Continue Reading →

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