Water-Drop vs Baby Photography

Whilst I wish I could find time to lift my camera to my eye, I am using my eyes to either sleep before the baby arrives OR to read about interesting photo techniques that I would really like to try one day. Tonight I stumbled upon Shayne Gray through Tumblr.com. Shayne has very easy-to-read tutorials... Continue Reading →

From Free to Business Blogging

I've often contemplated ways that my blog could make money. But in the end I went with 'rant about the online universe', 'random link' and 'hey check out my photography' style. Now that I have read this interesting article, I am thinking again about how I might make money from binary words. The Dark Side... Continue Reading →

Being an Online Entrepreneur

Wow, over the last eleven years of writing articles - I haven't written many articles about entrepreneur's ! So in a twisted away, I am answering the question of ... Why not? Well, I was being an entrepreneur, and online most of the time. What did I imagine 'being an entrepreneur' meant?  For me, entrepreneurial-ism meant finding ways to... Continue Reading →

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