Two Flash Diffusers

Here is a good indication I am a photography geek: I opened my box of new shoes and spotted these two bits of plastic first. Free flash diffusers!

Making a Delicious Smoothie

This is my favourite home-made smoothie from my wife's collection of concoctions. This drink is pure fruit, but as friends have said - yoghurt and cinnamon are optional extras. [NOTE: The wife has since said that a slice of lemon would have given the drink extra punch!] INGREDIENTS: Juice of 1 Coconut 2 x whole... Continue Reading →

Five Steps to DIY Furniture

1. Have an open space to work in. Preferably an area where you don't have to shimmy along walls to get around the object being constructed. There is nothing worse than having to stand at an odd angle to push an Allen-key into a hole you cannot see that only has a 120degree arch. Wait,... Continue Reading →

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