How Vulnerability Helped Me Find Myself

About two weeks ago my emotions ran wild and nearly overtook my normal crazy creative state of mind. How on earth could such a thing happen? Well, I allowed myself to express my emotions through my photography, and it was quite vivid! Yes, that is my head with string wrapped around it like a roast meat. It... Continue Reading →

Lack of Civil Communication

This was written on my Apple Touch about 3 years ago, and it has been sitting on it ever since. Tonight whilst clearing out data I happened upon it again. I've decided to publish as is. Your responses are welcomed on any part of what I have said. It's our action and in-actions that effect... Continue Reading →

Trait: Self Respect

I have been following Liz Strauss for several years, through both her blog and various social-networking sites. Whilst I rarely comment on her articles, I have printed a few and anonymously pinned to kitchen notice-boards for others to peruse whilst making their morning coffee! Let me explain how this amazing writer has helped me gain my... Continue Reading →

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