Talking, Keeping and Downloading Books

Liz Strauss has turned on the comments-microphone on within her latest article, allowing her readers to 'chat' about subjects of interest. Comments vs Chat Line I often find online-chatting s more about networking than actual conversation. I also find that long-winded responses are often too-late because the conversation can change so quickly in this medium.... Continue Reading →

Is Sixty Megapixels Enough?

Goddamn. SIXTY MEGAPIXELS. Certainly a camera worth saving up for. The Phase One P 65+ is the first digital back and camera system to take advantage of the new Sensor+ design and is the world’s first full-frame capture system based on actual 645 film format. The P 65+ provides the largest live digital capture area... Continue Reading →

Mono or Multi Brands

I heard a conversation today where a work-colleague mentioned they preferred to stick with one brand of mobile-phone rather than jump between types. In this circumstance, they spoke of someone who had gone from SAMSUNG to NOKIA to MOTOROLA in less than twelve months. As I walked by I quietly said, "So you've become a... Continue Reading →

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