Fishing for Better Prices

When a site gives you this line as a guarantee... We guarantee that is Better than AmazonTM. If you order a book where the total cost (including shipping fee) is more expensive on than AmazonTM, we will credit your Fishpond account with the difference plus 10%.The guarantee is valid only for books that... Continue Reading →

Dietary Changes

After half a day in hospital, I asked for help with my dietary habits from my plurk friends. Thanks to a LOT of fellow plurkers for their vegetable, fruit and non-meat suggestions! Read the two plurks for food groups that will soon fill our refrigerator. 1. Asking for advice: Making me a salad. Got tomato,... Continue Reading →

Through Rain, Heat & Doubt

Looks like my trusty mobile , the Nokia 3210 , is on its last legs: This morning a message of failing memory displayed across its little window. With a hint of a sigh, the little device said "Get lost! Do I look ready to think about your problems? Your contact list? Take a freaking number... Continue Reading →

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