Earlier tonight I had the good chance to catch the last half hour of this televised program on ABC1 - "Addicted to Plastic". It advertised a few interesting locations around the world that are helping to reduce the landfill of plastic upon this planet. Rather than preaching to you about how important this subject is... Continue Reading →

A Wheelbarrow Each

In every community, there are people who build ideas into projects that are fruitful. These individuals make big things happen at either a community or national level. They plant the seeds of small ideas in the minds of many - then watch the growth spread like a wheel around the community. This method of making... Continue Reading →

Surviving the Drought

I had some fun earlier this evening editing a few 'wood & sky' images I had originally uploaded onto my Redbubble gallery about 18 months ago. They were photographed whilst walking across a farm-yard paddock on a very hot day. Against these deep blue skies, the details of the wood grain upon these trees begged... Continue Reading →

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