Apple iPod Touch Wish List

Without a doubt, the latest range of Apple products on the market have given us two lightweight yet graphic-filled devices. I am talking 'bout the iPhone and Touch. The popularity of both totally amazes me, though not because I don't like them, far from it -- I know of many people who have either purchased... Continue Reading →

Phlegm, Bile and Sinus

Today I am home, quite sick. Lots of phlegm, bile and sinus. Not pretty at all. It's been brewing up inside me for the last few days. I recognised the symptoms late on Friday afternoon whilst at work, but figured I'd be able to wash them through me with plenty of fluids. No, not the... Continue Reading →

Getting Good News Every Day

I've not sorry to say this : When I want to read the daily news reports, I'll be heading for ZDNet Australia (News) from now on, and not AdelaideNow. Reasons: The ZDNet home page has a three-toned, easy on the eyes, simple navigation system at the top of screen. Two horizontal-tiers under the logo take... Continue Reading →

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