History Defiled

I know pain. A few years back I walked a sixteen-kilometre hike, fourteen with a busted knee. Less than two kilometres into the walk I slid down an embankment to walk around massive boulders, see the ocean up-close and photograph a MASSIVE bee-swarm. I slid down what I thought was a solid soil cliff to... Continue Reading →

Fitting In

Quoted from this succinct article at Flying Solo: It is hard having to share your workplace with other people and the noise they make, the silly ideas they have, the different pace and priorities they have. It is hard going to meetings you didn’t organise and are not running. It is hard being new and... Continue Reading →

The Browser Wars

I have decided to purchase a second computer, probably a desktop, that won't connect to the internet but will enable a web-browser to run upon it. Just two: IE6 and Mozilla Firefox.Let me explain why.I like to test the validity and web compliance of both HTML and CSS of web sites (particularly my own designs)... Continue Reading →

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