New Idea, Fresh Direction

Around 2am this morning I had a moment of brilliance. It's taken 3 hours of work to ensure the idea works properly in both IE8 and Mozilla Firefox. And now it does! It's not easily noticeable, unless you've lifted the hood on the HTML and CSS on my personal web site previously ... but the... Continue Reading →

Importing Content with CSS

Tonight I found some cool CSS at StopDesign. See that navigation at the top of screen? I just love how the words "recent stuff", "design work", "background info" and "of interest" are brought in via the CSS. I've chopped from the full CSS how this achieved. I won't explain too much, as I'm unsure of... Continue Reading →

Tabled Discussion

This is a freaking scary to be reading in November 2006: A professional company that still thinks using tables is good for for presenting information and better than CSS-positioning. Someone over there needs to get with the times. What makes it more embarrassing is that is written by an Australian at NetRegistry. Come on, Guys,... Continue Reading →

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