Black Cat Looking for New Home

We have come to this decision, and it wasn’t easy: We are giving-away Mischief (aka “Mr Handsome” or “Panther Boy”) to a cat-loving household who can afford the time and space to enjoy his amiable disposition. Would you like to have a beautiful black cat live with you? With our first-born due for arrival in late... Continue Reading →

Cats, Books and More!

Every few days I shoot an amazing photograph of our three remaining pet cats. With Trouble no longer one of the family, I now shoot cute photographs whenever I can. Here is 'Fluff' sitting in her new favorite cushion in the lounge window. Fluff looked down out the window to see a bird on the... Continue Reading →

Portrait of a Pet Cat

This is 'Trouble', one of the two black cats. He happily posed for the camera during a quick photo-shoot. He has a mysterious tumble-dried fur coat; We suspect he has a hint of 'rag-doll' in his genetics. He hates being held like a baby (whereas the other cats do), instead preferring to be slung forward... Continue Reading →

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