Whilst going through all my Flickr photographs for a handful to add to a new album, I found these few photographs shot during my younger brother's 40th birthday. Figured they needed a little air-time. All shot on a Canon 400D. 210-degree Pano of Oakbank RaceCourse Stitched Panorama of about 7 photographs Waiting to be Served... Continue Reading →

Hidden in Plain View

One of the best points of having 'Casual Clothes Friday', particularly for me, is being able to hide in plain site. As I particularly like shooting architectural and inner-city photography, it helps to be wearing clothes that are either or both plain and of a tourist appearance. So today I am casually dressed. I won't... Continue Reading →

Morning Photography

Not much to say tonight, so will show off my photographs from this morning's walk up into Blackwood. I have visited this location before, but that was with my old Canon 400D and some old stock lens. This time I went with my Canon 50D and 70-300mm f4 telephoto lens. Certainly makes a difference. That... Continue Reading →

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