Photographs of Adelaide City

Before heading out to the Lady Daly last night, I had 40minutes spare to take a walk around Adelaide City whilst waiting for my ride. So I walked down Rundle Mall and back up Grenfell Street. Here are my favorite of  the many photographs I shot.... Yes, an eclectic bunch of photographs that simply appealed... Continue Reading →

Dinner and Drinks at the Lady Daly

My wife and I attended her work's belated-Christmas-2011 dinner last night (28 January 2012), held at the Lady Daly Hotel. I've not been there in over 12 years, back when the family of an old friend owned the place. So it was interesting to see how much the hotel has changed since. And it has,... Continue Reading →

New Artillary: The Canon 50D

I have been so lucky today: My wife made the final payment on my new camera; A Canon EOS 50D! I've been wanting this camera for about two years. Despite the other new Canon's that have arrived on the market during that time. Yeah, the 7D, the 1000D, plus a few others are pretty amazing,... Continue Reading →

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