Photo-MeetUp, 31st May, Adelaide CBD

In case you haven't heard, I've organised a 'MeetUp' for Adelaide Photographers. I got this started about a fortnight ago and have been pleasantly surprised by the amazing response saying "YES!". This is more than your average group of people. At this stage we have about 30 people turning up, ranging from Amateurs to full-professionals,... Continue Reading →

Garden of Photographic Delights

Photographed at the Garden of UnEarthly Delights, Rymill Park, Adelaide, last Friday night between 5pm and 6.15pm. I now wish I'd stayed longer. I only managed six shots before I got bored watching families being families doing family things: Bumper carts, ferris wheels, food marquee's and lots of noise that got louder and louder. Maybe... Continue Reading →

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