And Now We Are Three

To those who have not heard nor read elsewhere: My lovely wife and I now have a gorgeous little boy: Jai Ethan Mitchell Last Saturday night we went into the WCH hospital to be induced ... and about an hour later he arrived quicker than expected. There is much more to the story, but that... Continue Reading →

Will it be a Boy or a Girl?

Yes, the baby is still sitting pretty inside my wife's tummy! Since we chose not to know if our soon-to-be-born baby is going to male or female, here are photographs in the two colours that society deems to be most associated with both genders. Yeah, just an excuse to post an array of random photographs... Continue Reading →

Water-Drop vs Baby Photography

Whilst I wish I could find time to lift my camera to my eye, I am using my eyes to either sleep before the baby arrives OR to read about interesting photo techniques that I would really like to try one day. Tonight I stumbled upon Shayne Gray through Shayne has very easy-to-read tutorials... Continue Reading →

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