Birth #2 – Our Second Son

A child was born yesterday. Our second son. I wasn't able to be in surgery for the birth of our first child, so I took the opportunity this time to capture images of everything permitted in the surgical theatre. Here are the few photos I am permitted to show of the experience. HOLDING Hands are... Continue Reading →

10 Most Used Words in our Home in 2012

Now that my wife and I have smartphone's, the vocabulary in our household has actually expanded and increased! We now say 'connectivity' and 'functionality' at least twice a day. Which got me thinking: How many new words were added to our general conversation throughout 2012? Here goes,  remembering that I had to compile this list... Continue Reading →

Little Boy with Little Hands

Our little man, "Litte Jai", is growing up fast! His cute little hands are big for his age-range, his fingers strong and firm. Each day I am amazed at how he is progressing. He tries so hard to support his own neck, pushing upwards when I hold him against my shoulder for burping. According to... Continue Reading →

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