Reminiscing (1996)

I almost remember it like it was yesterday, yet suddenly feel so old. The wife and I had been dating about 6 months. We had spent one evening looking after the young three daughters of my wife's Aunt, plus about nine of their friends, taking them all for dinner to local McDonalds. It was the... Continue Reading →

Supporting Services for my Son’s Surgery

By way of thanking all the services involved in the recovery of my son over the last five days, you'll read what has transpired: Massive appreciation for the following services over the last 5 days: The Kingscote Hospital and nurses who were open, available and willing to help at 5AM last Thursday after Jai vomited... Continue Reading →

Fire to the Rain

We were in Balhannah a few nights back at a family property. Whilst 4WDing around the property to see new-born lambs, I asked to get out of the car so I could capture this amazing view on the horizon. Whilst I had no tripod to properly setup the shot, I am still glad I managed... Continue Reading →

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