Shooting at Night

Thanks to this thread entitled "Night Photography Tips", we have an amazing list of points, tips, tricks and items to have when shooting night photography. I will need to revisit TED's Camera's again! I've shuffled them around, spell-checked, cropped a few lengthy personal statements plus removed a lot of duplication. Use a tripod. If... Continue Reading →

Garden of Photographic Delights

Photographed at the Garden of UnEarthly Delights, Rymill Park, Adelaide, last Friday night between 5pm and 6.15pm. I now wish I'd stayed longer. I only managed six shots before I got bored watching families being families doing family things: Bumper carts, ferris wheels, food marquee's and lots of noise that got louder and louder. Maybe... Continue Reading →

In Your Yard

Forever thinking of entrepreneurial ways to make a few extra dollars to supplement my income, I dreamt up yet another interesting idea that incorporates my love of photography and gardening. Plus it enables me to escape the office cubicle, see beyond the partitions, and talk with people who share the same fascination of a well-designed... Continue Reading →

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