Save Space on your Computer

Yeah, tonight I am covering the all-important subject that probably effects most of us computer geeks: Finding or saving space on our computers. As often as possible I ''defrag" my laptop. But I often find there is insufficient space available for anything to be moved around during the defrag, so the computer fails to anything... Continue Reading →

Surviving Option-Paralysis Syndrome

I've found a title for the syndrome I have been experiencing for the past 18 months - Option Paralysis. Whilst you might think it's a sugar-coat for 'indecisiveness', I'm not the first to mention this issue. I first read about this syndrome in Stephen Fry's twitter-feed: Stephen Fry The bewildering variety of sartorial advice I'm... Continue Reading →

3 Jobs where the iPad will be Useful!

Whilst some might say the iPad has limited functionality, I believe the latest toy from Apple is the perfect tool for these 3 types of workers: Photographers, Entrepreneurs and Consultants. The world is filled with people who spend their days performing many of these jobs, often in combination. With the many applications that can be... Continue Reading →

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